Flexible LED Strip Ribbon

Top Quality LED Shelf Lighting at Brisbane

You need a product you can trust and will produce a good clean light for years to come and save you money in the process.

Our LED strip lighting in Brisbane are designed, manufactured, tested and packaged with the utmost care to ensure they give you years of operation with no maintenance or replacement.

The colour temperatures and rendering indexes of our LED strips are far superior from commonly cheaply available strips, so much so that we back each strip with a 3 year warranty.

LED strip lighting is flexible making it very practical for following your design contours. LED strip lights are commonly used for under bench lighting, display cases, food trucks, caravans architectural and boat lighting. LED light strips are so effective due to their small size, high output, flexibility and self-adhesive thermal backing tape allowing them to be installed in tricky locations where previous lighting fixtures could not fit.

Flexible LED strip lighting save approximately 80% power when compared to standard incandescent bulbs, not only saving you money, but reducing your carbon footprint.

Standard LED Strip
For brightness & efficiency. Our standard strip used in our LED Luminaires is a combination of brightness and efficiency. It’s used for LED shelf lighting in Brisbane, display case lighting and arch edge lighting.

Ultra bright LED Strip
For high output, tightly packed for no led spots. With tightly spaced LED’s our ultra bright strip emits an incredible amount of light with no discernable led spots. It produces an even, continuous bright output, perfect for task and general lighting.

Constant current LED Strip
wire directly into boat, truck, bus or caravan power supplies. Our current regulated LED strips maintain a constant brightness with changes to battery voltage or altenator speeds, so you wont notice the lights go bright and dim as your engine speed changes.

Set the perfect atmosphere. Select the perfect colour for the mood you are creating.

S Bend LED Strip
For advertising and channel letters. S bend strip can be bent and routed to follow complex shapes like channel and advertising letters and logos.