Cabinet Lighting

Buy Top Quality Cabinet Lighting at Best rates

Lighting is a key element in almost every space, but it’s most important to get it right light for your kitchen and working areas. Insufficient lighting under a counter can make food preparation and detailed work straining on your eyes and difficult to accomplish.

At Advena Tech, we have a variety of specific kitchen under cabinet lighting luminaires including LED under cabinet lighting in Brisbane that can provide adequate illumination for those dark areas in your kitchen and work spaces where good lighting is a must.

Our under cabinet lighting provides excellent task lighting and has a super sleek low aluminium profile that is unobtrusive and easy to install with our range of mounting options including clips, double sided adhesive or magnets. Our LED cabinet lighting is a great way to add distinction and style to any kitchen or working area. Our under cabinet lighting offers shadow free lighting for kitchen and work spaces.

Advena Tech’s under cabinet lighting operates on low voltage, energy efficient 12 VDC or 24VDC power, which means very little heat generation, high lumen light output with no hot spots on your working surfaces.

This makes for superior aesthetic qualities and a more comfortable environment for food preparation and even kitchen and task lighting. Advena Tech’s slim low profile aluminium LED under cabinet lighting is easily concealed under overhead cabinets.

We recommend that Advena Tech’s under cabinet lighting is designed into your new kitchen and work areas at the design stage, but with our easy mounting options, they can easily be added to existing cabinets.