Architectural Lighting Brisbane

An atmosphere, the type you notice at least, the type that you remember, is never an coincidence. It is carefully crafted by design, interior styling and most importantly; lighting. In the right hands lighting can create any mood, accentuate any build feature and product detail and truly transform any space.

Advena Tech’s range of architectural lighting in Brisbane offers a collection of brilliant interior and exterior solutions that will allow you to create the right mood for any space.

With years of knowledge designing and manufacturing luminaires, Advena Tech offers lighting that they know will do the job reliably for years to come. Providing beautiful led lighting products is only half our focus, the other half is honed in on supplying the most efficient, controllers and drivers for long lasting maintenance free options.

Crafted exactly how you want.

Our light bar luminaires are made for you. To your length, your colour temperature and your plug in/ power requirement. We can craft small orders the same day and larger orders for a shop fitment within a week or two.

What do you want customers to feel when they visit your business?

Light can determine whether your space is pleasant or unpleasant, relaxed or tense, spacious or confined and visually clear or hazy.

A variety of light that creates contrasted areas of highlights and shadows entices customers more than an evenly lit space. Bright lights are best for completing a task, like examining merchandise up close, while mood lighting is better for crafting a relaxing environment.

Explore our architectural lighting range to find the right led lighting solution for creating your perfect space.